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Route of the Kami tracks the movements of a group of Shadowrunners who fled to Hong Kong for a new lease on life, only to end up in Kowloon…


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Ares To Gain Construction Rights In Kwun Tong
Emerald Media—Hong Kong, Kwun Tong— Feb 2070
It has just been announced here at Kwun Tong that Ares Macrotechnology has gained the contract for reconstruction due to the damages caused by the Gau Fong terrorism. The irony of this increased influence has caused a number of small riots to erupt throughout Kwun Tong. A number of Ares Supporters, though, have taken up counter picketing. The Police are on active standby, attempting to contain the situation, although things seem to be heating up —
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Hong Kong

The language spoken on the street is Cantonese, and Face and Quanxi will play a large role in character development.

House Rules

1. Each character should have a basic answer list to the “Character Quiz” from Runner’s Companion.

2. Technomancers may take Geasa, following similar rules to Magic users. “If you critically glitch using the Resonance while your Geas is broken, the ‘information overload’ will leave a permanent mental scar, writing off that point of Resonance.” The quality will give the standard 10BP at character generation.

RotK Remix

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