Tolo Harbor Complex

The Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone has no official military, but that only means they aren’t wearing a flag when they shoot you dead. As a fully privatized free city, corporate security is ubiquitous; nearly the entire Central District is a patchwork of extraterritorial corporate zones sporting dozens of different security forces. The Tolo Harbor Complex goes a step further: it is the home of Hong Kong’s Marine Authority as well as Hong Kong’s Special Police Forces. Overseen by Ares and Evo, it is a massive military base in everything but name.

At the throat of the harbor is the town of Sha Tin. It is bisected by the massive Shing Mun Canal, a controlled river waterway that constantly buzzes with maintenance drones and unmanned supply barges ferrying out to the wet and dry docks servicing Evo NavTech’s paramilitary boats and ships. The town, the boats, and even the people in this corporate military town are a strange international mix: English, Chinese, and Cyrillic lettering is etched on nearly every building. Evo NavTech is constantly moving personnel around through Tolo Harbor, which gives Sha Tin the feel of a bawdy shore-leave dive barely held in control by a constant military presence. The town is a rusty, dirty, rough place, and that’s exactly the way most of the locals like it.

North of Sha Tin along the coast is Tai Po, which is essentially Arestown. After Knight Errant snagged the Hong Kong police contract out of Mitsuhama’s hands, they invested heavily in the village of Tai Po, turning it into a base for their special police units. And when I say “special police units,” think of Firewatch teams, military drones, and urban assault vehicles. Ares’s development plan seems to be working; their investment in the city through Tai Po has made it impossible for their corporate rivals to dislodge them from the law enforcement contract. At the same time, the increased sabotage attacks in nearby Kwun Tong have justified the heavy arms Ares stores in the area, even allowing them to pull out the big guns on occasion.

Despite being effectively another military base like Sha Tin, Tai Po has a completely different atmosphere. Tai Po is very sedate, Spartan, and controlled, and the sight of soldiers practicing tai chi chuan or judo is very common. In fact, the central fixture of the town is not even a military asset, but rather the Man Mo Temple, dedicated to the Man Cheung, the god of literature, and Kwan Yu, the god of war. The temple has grown dramatically in size during Ares’ renovation. Now dozens of smoky incense spirals hang from the interior of the temple honoring the ancestors and the gods who watch over the soldiers and police.

Tolo Harbor Complex

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