RotK Remix

The Second Step

A cornered animal is the most fierce...

Johnson wants a girl rescued. The young Ivana Ip has been stolen from her home by a runner named Kr3tin, and official channels have run dry on finding her. The team must find a way to track down Ivanna’s kidnappers, and bring them all back to Johnson.

Settling down to research for a few hours, the team quickly manages to locate Ivanna’s best friend, Ai. After a bit of questioning, the morphine high girl explains that Johnson had it wrong, it was the Ai household that was raided.

Getting in touch with his buddies, Doctor Euthanasia discovers that Kr3tin, along with most of his crew, are fueled by drug addiction. Running low on funds, they decided to kidnap Ivanna out of desperation. Firing up another angle, it’s discovered that Fengzhi, a well known associate of Kr3tin, is no longer with the team.

Fengzhi, upon meeting with the team, is shown to be less than happy with Kr3tin and crew. They cost him a limb as well as trust, it seems. Fengzhi, under the influence of a spell to relax and trust, sells out his old team in exchange for a recording of the capture and delivery.

Rushing out to Sai Kung, the group finds Kr3tin and crew holed up atop a hill. Making a bum rush straight up the hill, Judas loses a vehicle. Despite the heavy machine gun fire, however, only the car is lost.

After some debate on whether or not to take Ivanna home, the group delivers them all to Johnson and is paid.



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