RotK Remix

The Fourth Step

When everyone else is busy...

Stolichnaya, a smuggler contact of Judas’, is swamped with work. However, he’s not one to turn down more money. Accepting a job before confirming someone can do it is a bit risky, though, but happily there’s always someone free…

Assigned to deliver three boxes filled with Ares firearms to dissenters of the Canton Confederation, the group makes their way out of Hong Kong with little trouble.

Upon arrival, however, it’s not a very comfortable surrounding environment. With everyone on edge, they set up shop before the meet. As the buyer arrives, in full camouflage, the group attempts to start the exchange only for Doc to act out.

The pissed of buyer, Kaze, goes to help move the crates to get things over with, but steps on a land mine. Everything quickly devolves as the group is surrounded by military police.

After a short tussle, the group is victorious, with Doc slightly injured and Kaze in pieces. The return to Hong Kong along one of Stolichnaya’s personal routes without trouble.



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